Hyundai Dashboard Symbols & Warnings: What Do They Mean?

Hyundai Dashboard Symbols & Meaning

The appearance of one or more Hyundai dashboard symbols can be a confusing, unpleasant experience. These symbols and warning lights are your vehicle's way of grabbing your attention and keeping you informed. They can alert you to imminent issues, show you that fluids need topping up, or let you know that certain features are active.

There's a wide range of Hyundai dashboard symbols that can appear, but don't worry; our Hyundai service team is here to decipher their meaning and solve any issues they represent. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools will reveal their cause in a flash, and our certified Hyundai technicians will keep you up-to-date on their findings. With our service specials and convenience-first focus, solving the issues that Hyundai dashboard warning lights represent no longer needs to be a headache-inducing event.

Read on for a deeper look at each Hyundai dashboard light and its meaning, and contact our Hyundai service center for help getting your Hyundai car or SUV into its best shape.

Hyundai Dashboard Warning Lights List

Before looking at the Hyundai dashboard symbols, you should know that they follow a color code. Green symbols indicate that a feature is activated, yellow warning lights alert you of a possible system issue, and red warning symbols show that a malfunction or mechanical trouble has been detected. So, with this color code in mind, let's look at the common dashboard symbols that your Hyundai vehicle may display:

Hyundai Warning Light Meaning
Hyundai Check Engine

Check Engine Light/Malfunction Indicator Light

A check engine light can symbolize many different issues. Some are minor. Your Hyundai check engine light may indicate that your gas cap isn't secure. Others, however, are potential catastrophes that take an expert's touch to diagnose and solve. In either case, do not drive with the check engine light illuminated, and bring your vehicle into our service center ASAP.

Hyundai Master Warning

Master Warning Light

One of the Hyundai dashboard symbols that you should never ignore, the Master Warning Light can be caused by malfunctions in certain safety features or electrical systems or can indicate that your vehicle is due for a scheduled maintenance service. It can also be caused by low windshield washer fluid. If a wiper fluid top-up doesn't make the light disappear, get in touch with our service center before driving your vehicle.

Hyundai Engine Oil Pressure Warning

Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light

Among the many Hyundai dashboard symbols and meanings, understanding this one is crucial for your vehicle's health; it means that your vehicle's onboard computer has detected insufficient oil flow. A lack of proper oil pressure can cause premature engine failure. When safe to do so, stop driving immediately if this light appears, and contact our service center for help.

Hyundai Engine Temp Warning

Engine Temperature Warning Light

Another one of the urgent Hyundai dashboard symbols, this light indicates that your engine's internal temperature is too high. Driving with this light illuminated can lead to severe engine overheating, which can cause irreversible engine damage; pull over ASAP and give our service center a call if this light shows up.

Hyundai TPMS

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Light

When the TPMS light appears, it can mean that one or more tires are overinflated or underinflated. If this Hyundai warning light does not disappear while driving after your vehicle's tire pressures are corrected, contact our service center for further diagnosis and repair.

Hyundai Charging System Warning

Charging System Warning Light

A malfunction within your vehicle's charging system has occurred. This can be caused by your battery reaching the end of its life span, your alternator providing an insufficient charge, or other electrical issues. Stop driving and contact a certified Hyundai technician immediately if this light appears.

Hyundai Hybrid Battery Charge Warning

Hybrid Battery Charge Warning Light

One of the Hyundai dashboard symbols exclusive to hybrids, this light indicates that your vehicle's battery pack is experiencing a malfunction. Stop driving and contact our hybrid service experts for help if your Hyundai hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicle displays this light.

Hyundai Parking Brake Fluid Warning

Parking Brake Light/Brake Fluid Warning Light

A dual-purpose light amongst the Hyundai dashboard symbols, this light will typically indicate that your parking brake is engaged. Pull over ASAP if this light appears while your parking brake is disengaged, as it can also symbolize low brake fluid levels — a dangerous issue that requires immediate attention.

Hyundai ABS

Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Warning Light

Another one of the dual-meaning Hyundai dashboard symbols, this warning light will appear when the ABS steps in to correct wheel slippage while braking. If it stays illuminated, there may be an ABS malfunction. Schedule a service appointment immediately to ensure your vehicle can stop safely.

Hyundai ESC.png

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Light

This light will indicate that the ESC system has stepped in to keep your vehicle stable. If it remains illuminated, a system malfunction may have occurred, and vehicle stability may be affected.

Hyundai ESC Off

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) OFF Light

You have deactivated your vehicle's ESC. If the light remains illuminated after pressing and holding the ESC button, a system malfunction has occurred. Visit our Hyundai service center for help.

Hyundai Air Bag Warning

Air Bag Warning Light

You'll see this Hyundai dashboard symbol illuminate on start-up. If it remains illuminated, an airbag system malfunction may have occurred. Do not drive the vehicle and have your airbags inspected ASAP.

Hyundai Electric Power Steering Warning

Electric Power Steering Warning Light

This is a crucial alert that your electric power steering system is facing a malfunction. Contact our service center immediately and do not drive your vehicle, as this light can represent imminent steering issues — a very hazardous situation.

Hyundai AEB

Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) Warning Light

This light will indicate that an issue with your vehicle's AEB system has occurred, which may affect the operation of this advanced safety feature.

Hyundai LKAS

Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) Light

If this Hyundai dashboard light is green, your LKAS is working properly. If it illuminates in white, your LKAS is unable to operate in the current driving conditions. If the LKAS light is yellow, then the feature has experienced a malfunction. Our team can diagnose and solve your LKAS issues.

Hyundai Immobilizer

Immobilizer Light

When this light stays illuminated, your Hyundai vehicle has properly detected your key, and you can start the engine. If it is flashing, the immobilizer system is likely malfunctioning. Contact us for help solving this Hyundai dashboard symbol.

Hyundai Low Fuel Level

Low Fuel Level Light

Your gas tank is near-empty.

Hyundai High Beam Indicator

High Beam Indicator Light

Your high beams are engaged.

Hyundai Turn Signal Indicator

Left/Right Turn Signal Indicator

Your turn signal is active, or your hazard lights are on (if both directional arrows are flashing).

Hyundai Smart High Beam Indicator

Smart High Beam Light

Your Hyundai vehicle's auto high beam feature is active (if so equipped).

Hyundai Fog Light Indicator

Fog Light Indicator

Your fog lights are turned on (if so equipped).

Hyundai Seat Belt Warning

Seat Belt Warning Light

One or more occupants do not have their seat belt fastened.

Hyundai Door Ajar

Door Ajar Indicator Light

One or more of your vehicle's doors are open.

Hyundai Trunk Open

Trunk Open Indicator Light

Your vehicle's trunk is open.

Solve Your Hyundai Dashboard Warning Lights at Matt Bowers Hyundai

The only Hyundai dashboard symbols we like seeing are the green ones. If your vehicle displays a yellow or red warning light, there is an issue, but our certified Hyundai service experts can make it right. Whether it's a check engine light or persistent airbag warning light, contact Matt Bowers Hyundai today to solve your dashboard light troubles.

FAQs About Hyundai Dashboard Signs Meaning

What does the EPS light mean on a Hyundai?

The EPS warning light is one of the many Hyundai dashboard symbols that alert you of a system malfunction. EPS stands for "Electric Power Steering," which is a system that eases the forces on your steering wheel to allow for easy, precise vehicle control. If the system is malfunctioning, your Hyundai vehicle may become dangerously difficult to control. Contact our Hyundai service center ASAP if the EPS light appears on your dashboard.

What is the TPMS light on a Hyundai?

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) light will primarily warn you of issues with your vehicle's tire pressure. One or more tires may be improperly inflated. Check all four tire pressure levels with a pressure gauge and adjust the air pressure according to your owner's manual guidelines. If the light stays illuminated after your tire pressures are corrected, the TPMS may have malfunctioned. Get in touch with our service team for a full diagnosis and repairs.

What does the ESC light on my Hyundai mean?

The Electronic Stability Control (ESC) light will appear when the ESC system activates to correct a skid, slide, or other loss of vehicle stability. However, if it stays illuminated, then your ESC system has experienced a malfunction and may not be able to help if you lose control of your vehicle. Book an appointment at our Hyundai service center to ensure that your vehicle can maintain on-road stability in such cases.

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