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A used Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid for sale in Gulfport, MS, is a great choice when looking to get into an eco-friendly vehicle. These days, we're all aware of gas prices and the impact that rising costs have on our day-to-day life. A hybrid car can help you spend less time at the pump while keeping more money where it belongs (in your pocket). And when it comes to savings, the Matt Bowers team knows how to help. Please scroll down to learn more about this vehicle and everything we offer when you buy from us.

Your Used Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid for Sale

If you're thinking about finding even more value than what's already there with a new Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid for sale near Biloxi, MS, then a Matt Bowers pre-owned version of the same will fit the bill. This economical sedan debuted a few years ago, making the earliest unit available a 2017 used Ioniq Hybrid. There have been many upgrades and trim additions over the years, so we'll get to those in just a second.

If you're looking at a 2018 used Ioniq Hybrid, you'll open up a few more options in terms of powertrains. From that year forward, you'll see a conventional hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, or an EV, depending on availability. Touch-screen infotainment and smartphone connectivity were enhanced this year as well.

If you've got your eye on a 2019 used Ioniq Hybrid, then you'll enjoy additional upgrades like advanced telematics, voice command, driver monitors, and high beam assistance. Other notable features include a quick-shifting automatic transmission and available paddle shifters. Look to try a used Hyundai Tucson for sale, and you'll see a different take on versatility and sport.

Specs & Your Used Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid for Sale Near Gautier, MS

You'll typically find a 1.6-liter engine paired with an electric motor and a six-speed automatic transmission. Passengers will love finding 96 cubic feet of comfort while commuting and running errands. And you'll love the cruising confidence offered by a 106.3-inch wheelbase. Steering is nimble, and suspension is tuned for comfort on twisty roads and pothole-laden streets. Keep in mind your final used Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid price will vary depending on the year, miles, and trim level.

The Power of Matt Bowers Benefits

Here's how we take a "used Ioniq Hybrid near me" and do our best for you. There are three major benefits that you'll see when you become a Matt Bowers customer.

  • Matt Bowers Benefit Number One - Our own finance company can conveniently streamline your entire financing process. Instead of waiting for underwriters to come back for quotes, we can take care of your loan at our dealership anytime you're ready to drive home a used Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid for sale.

  • Matt Bowers Benefit Number Two - We reward you for your loyalty. Download the Matt Bowers Advantage App and start earning points that you can redeem as cash savings on the services of your choosing in our service center.

  • Matt Bowers Benefit Number Three - Certain pre-owned vehicles (specifically those with less than 100,000 miles and newer than 9 years old) feature the Matt Bowers Lifetime Powertrain Warranty.1 We've got your back if you're in it for the long haul. Combine one of those vehicles with our used cars with low mileage and drive worry-free.

Our process is simple. Our customers love shopping here. And we think you deserve everything we can offer you. Browse online for your favorite vehicle, then call a specialist to have them set it aside for a test drive. And if the Ioniq Hybrid turns out to be second-best, we'll have a winner for you in our inventory.

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1Please see actual warranty and take the time to carefully read all of the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions, as not all parts or circumstances are covered. Some vehicles are not eligible.